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Your local sponsor

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Are you part of an association?

Multicredit gives a lot of attention to local clubs and events as well as to the way they can develop. If you are part of an association, do not hesitate to send them a sponsoring request! They will come back to you with a solution that will be ideal for both parts : flyering, sampling or online linking while they provide financial help. Here are some of the activities they support :

  • Sports : clubs, events, tournaments, championships,…
  • Art and culture : artists, concerts, shows, festivals, exhibitions,…
  • Cultural associations : ethnic groups in Switzerland, foundations, charity, local matter,…

For your community

Our objectif is that your club or association can get bigger and develop. Doing so, we are helping you having a stronger impact on your community. To us, small sports and cultural groups are as important as famous clubs and that is why we would love to support you!

How to make a request?

Are you looking for a sponsor ? With Multicredit, there is nothing easier ! You simply have to mention the following information when you send your request:

  • Type of sport, association or event
  • Type of event (game, dinner, show,…)
  • How many people do you expect there and the type of public you target ?
  • How much do you expect for the diverse sponsoring options?

Send us your request!

Our partner Multicredit is waiting for your sponsoring request ! You will get a quick and confidential answer. Don’t hesitate longer!