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Extra credit

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What is an extra credit?

An extra credit, or extra loan, is the possibility to change your ongoing loan in order to get additional money. The reimbursement of the extra credit, interest included, will be added to the sum you still have to pay for your ongoing loan. If you have multiple loans, it is also possible to group them while asking for extra cash.

Renegociate its contract

When asking for an extra credit, your actual contract is renegotiated. Thus, if the interest rate will generally remains the same, you may change the repayment duraction quite easily. So, if you have one year left to pay off your current loan, you may ask for an extra credit and renegotiate the period over two years. In order to optimize your conditions of contrat, it is also possible to ask for a broker to help you (this is generally free of charge). The broker will help you renegotiating your loan to get the best conditions possible for your extra credit.

Who to contact?

You may contact either your bank, or a credit broker. However, we recommend you to ask a broker, who will negotiate your new loan conditions. To this end, do not hesitate to visit our parner Creditloan for an extra credit or if you need a dept consolidation loan.

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