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Online services: how to find the one that suit you

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Are you looking for online services? Within this article, we offer you several useful links leading you to various online services available from websites in Switzerland.

Financial services

Looking for financial online services? Whether for investing your money, borrowing money, we offer you a selection of partners able to offer you a free quote:

  • Financial advisor: if you want to invest your money and need some informations, a financial advisor will help you to analyse your situation and find a solution adapted to your expectations and your situation.
  • Loan: need to borrow some money? Get the lowest interest rate possible and benefit from a free offer from our partner CreditLoan: get an online loan.
  • Debt relief: in case of financial problems, it is not always easy to find someone to help you. With PrestaFlex-Service, get a free contact with a debt relief specialist.

Real estate

Looking for online services to find or purchase a house? Here are some useful links:

  • Mortgage loan: this solution will allow you to purchase any house, appartment or land provided you can put at least 20% of the cost with your own funds. Meet now a mortgage loan specialist.
  • Mortgage calculator: if you want to estimate the cost of your future mortgage, do not hesitate to check out this mortgage calculator.
  • Estate agent: if you need some help to find or buy a home, or have questions related to real estate, do not hesitate to ask for a free contact with an estate agent.

Other online services

Also, if you are looking for other services, news and informations, here are also some userful links from CreditLoan:

  • Exchange rate: current rate of major currencies used in Switzerland.
  • Stock market: check the actual value of stock actions.
  • News: check the latest financial news in Switzerland and around the world.
  • Weather: check the actual weather of major cities in Switzerland.
  • World clock: the local time in major cities of the World.