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House construction cost in Switzerland

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Are you looking to buy your own house and become an owner? Do you know how much does a house cost in Switzerland? Here are some pieces of information regarding the building cost of a house in our country.

What is included in the construction cost?

If you want to evaluate the full price of a new house, there are two main costs to take into account. The first cost is the land itself, and the second is the price for the house construction.

Land cost

In Switzerland, land is generally expensive. Of course, the price depends on the region (canton, town or city, …). Thus, the price per square meter starts at 150 Chf / m² up to 2,000 Chf / m² or more. The average cost of land per square metre is officially 350 Chf / m².

Construction cost

If evaluating the cost of land is quite easy, the cost of the construction itself is harder to estimate. Indeed, the construction cost depends on many criteria:

  • Type of terrain (flat land, sloped terrain, bedrock, …).
  • Type of house
  • Number of floors
  • Used materials
  • Price of the mandated construction firms
  • Exterior of the houe

PrestaFlex propose a house construction cost calculator useful to get a rough idea of the future cost of your house.

Cost of built land

Another solution to estimate the cost of a house is to take into account the price of the built land at once (meaning not separating the cost of the land and the cost of the construction). To do this, simply look at the built cost of adjacent homes in the area to get the price of built square metre, and multiply it by the number of square metres of your future home.

The problem with this estimation method is the approximation obtained, which is not very precise. For example, the built cost of a square meter varies from 5,000 Chf to 10,000 Chf / m² for the canton of Vaud.

Finance the construction cost of your future house

If you are looking to finance a building lot, the construction of a house, a mortgage is the best solution, thanks to low interest rates. If needed, our partner PrestaFlex can help you to finance your property with a Swiss mortgage at the best rate.