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Legal protection for borderers

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It is not rare that a dispute between individuals or a conflict at work is brought up to a court of law. In case of a car accident for example, a disagreement about who is right and who isn’t can quickly end up badly. Have you ever thought about getting yourself covered against such situations in Switzerland? Thanks to an adapted legal protection you won't have to fear any legal issues that can happen to you!

Legal protection for borderers

Do you live in France and you work in Switzerland? Are you on the road several hours per day? You can never be too careful about car accidents and conflicts with your employer or co-workers. In Switzerland, getting a specialized lawyer can be a long and expensive procedure. Be farsighted and get a private and road traffic coverage in Switzerland too!

A private coverage for all situations

There can be plenty of different reasons why you need a legal coverage. Therefore, private protection will cover for lawyer’s fees in the following cases:

  • Labour law
  • Contract law (purchase, firms, ect,…)
  • Insurance law
  • Patient’s rights
  • Criminal law
  • Compensation for extra-contractual damages

A worldwide road traffic coverage

Let’s take an example: M.Roland drove too fast and got caught by the police. Your legal protection will allow you to object the fine and licence withdrawal decision or to try to get a reduced penalty. Contractual coverage (i.e licence withdrawal) are limited to Switzerland, but you will be covered everywhere in the world if the following cases occur:

  • Compensation for extra contractual damages: in case of an accident between two drivers for example.
  • Criminal law.

A legal protection for the whole family?

If you wish to benefit from a legal coverage in Switzerland for your family too, you only need to request the borderers+family protection formula! Private insurance specialists like PrestaFlex Services will be more than happy to offer you a free and non-binding quote!