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Why requesting an insurance consultancy?

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The number of insurance consultants in Switzerland is constantly increasing, just like the insurance market is expanding. Offers and premiums vary a lot, and you can now get some combined discounts. With all these changes, it is not easy for people to understand all their insurance possibilities. Requesting some professional help with an insurance consultant might help you a lot if you are in this case! What are exactly their services and how to contact one of them for a free consultancy? Let’s have a look.

Why contacting an expert?

The insurance market is a large one and it keeps expanding: life insurance, health insurance, home-contents insurance, civil liability, legal protection,…If you add all the insurance types (obligatory or not) with the number of insurance companies, you get a lot of different options you have to choose among. Therefore, many people don’t know in which situation they exactly are and if they are well covered. An experienced consultant will be able to provide the following services:

  • To establish a global analyse of your situation.
  • To check if you are well covered, neither under covered not over (with a double covering for some risks).
  • To offer you advantageous solutions in order to save on your premiums: either by leading you towards cheaper companies, or by making you benefit from premiums discounts.

How to get a discount on paid premiums?

Most insured people who hesitate to get insurance consultancy, think either that they are well covered, or that a consultant can’t offer anything better than they already have. In reality, you can never be certain that you are benefiting from the best covering unless you keep yourself regularly updated:

  • Offers change each year. The most advantageous company one year could not be the best choice anymore the following year.
  • Discounts are possible to get: by combining many insurances from the same company, or by choosing to cover all your family with the same society.

Knowing precisely your situation, and thanks to his expert knowledge of each company’s offers, a specialist will be able to get you some very advantageous solutions.

How much does an insurance consultancy cost?

Contacting an advisor is always free! Indeed, they are paid directly by companies under a brokerage commission system. You can still find some advisors that make higher offers than what they truly are, to get a bigger commission. But such cases are fortunately not very common here. We recommend you to contact an experienced society in order to avoid any risk and to get high quality services. PrestaFlex-Services for instance, is an insurance consultancy specialist and can offer you a free appointment with one of their advisors. You will then be able to benefit from good advice, without having to commit to anything.