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Ci permit in Switzerland: What, how and for whom?

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What is a Ci permit?

A Ci permit is a residence permit allowing its possessor to move and stay in Switzerland. Ci permit are reserved to:

  • Members of the family of any person owning a legitimation card: permanent mission or international organization employee (ambassadors, NGO workers, …). It is necessary to be part of the household of the legitimation card owner as well as to be of the same family.
  • Unmarried children of the same person who entered Switzerland before the age of 21.

The cantonal foreign office is in charge to deliver Ci permits. This one is valid for two years, but can be renewed as long as a member of the family posses a legitimation card.

Working with a Ci permit

The Ci permit allow its owner to work in the canton where it was emitted.. A special permission will be asked for working in another canton. The Ci permit allows for both find work as an employee or to declare its own independent activity (with the competent authority’s permission).

Ci permit ans loans

It is not directly possible to ask for a loan with a Ci permit. However, it is with a legitimation card. That means the family member who owns the legitimation card can make the loan request by itself. Indeed, a legitimation card will generally allow its owner to get a lower interest rate. It is possible to request a loan and receive a free non-binding quote to any loan bank or bank agency like