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Buy a property

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Have you thought to buy a property? Thanks to Multicredit you would have the possibility to benefit from the advice of a professional of the field. He will analyse your budget and then will propose to you a mortgage that will suit your need. Don't hesitate to fill in our form he will submit you a free offer without commitment in the shortest time.

Are you interested to buy a property?

The better way to buy a property is to request a mortgage towards the banks. Nevertheless, it exists several types of mortgage: the variable, the fixed and the libor. In order to choose an adaptable one at the best interest rate, we suggest that you call on a professional. He would be able to inform you and answer to your various questions:

Our solution

You have decided to buy a property? By choosing Multicredit you would be able to receive some information from a professional about a flexible and advantageous mortgage. He will provide you some help and guidance all along your project and will offer you:

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Call on a professional will allow you to buy your property in all tranquillities. So don't hesitate to fill in our form if you want to benefit from his advice. He will make you a free non-binding offer in the shortest time.

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