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Property in switzerland

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Have you planned to buy a property in Switzerland? Thanks to Multicredit you would be able to be guided all along your project by an adviser. Are you interested to benefit from his advice? Don't hesitate to fill in our form. He will make you a free non-binding offerin the shortest time.

How to get a property in Switzerland?

Would you like to become an owner? Before committing yourself you must think hard what you can afford. Indeed, we estimate that you will have to put 20% of the value of your house if you want to buy it. For helping you in this task you have the possibility either to use a mortgage calculator or to ask a professional in order that he could do:

Ask for an adviser!

Are you searching for a way to purchase your property in Switzerland? Very popular, a mortgage will allow you to purchase your house quickly and extend the repayment upon dozens of years. However it's important to be well-informed because there are different types of mortgage:

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Would you like to purchase a property in Switzerland? So we recommend that you fill in our online form in order to get a free interview with a mortgage adviser. He will then propose you in case of interest a free non-binding offer.

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