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Land credit

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We can help you get a safe and flexible way to fund your new construction plot! In Switzerland a land credit is the best financial solution when you want to purchase a field, construction plot or a green land to farm. This option will give you the possibility to finance your new property with a large and flexible amount whereas personal credits are limited to 250'000 Chf.

Land credit and mortgage deal

A personal loan is a quick and easy solution for people who need extra cash but this solution is usually not suitable for high amounts related to real estate projects. With a land credit, you will be able to get a larger amount and choose the reimbursement duration that will respect your needs! We can help you get the best mortgage deal!

Our advantageous offer

By choosing Multicredit as a partner for your land credit, you ensure to benefit from highly professional services! Are you a Swiss citizen? A foreigner well established in Switzerland and you want to purchase a field? We will be more than happy to help you realise your dream and offer you great services!

It is easier with an advisor!

Purchasing a land is a lifetime commitment! Therefore it is important that you get a credit solution that is perfectly adapted to your budget and situation! With an advisor you will save a lot of time and energy! Start your real estate dream with a great piece of mind after consulting an expert! Feel free to contact us for a free appointment.

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