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House solution

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At Multicredit we offer personalised and flexible house solutions! Do you want to get a new home? Are you looking for new property? Do you already know which mortgage type you need, or how much you can afford? We are here to make sure that you have access to the best solution possible!

Benefit from expert's advice

When buying a new house, you are making a lifetime commitment! Therefore you need a personalised mortgage option that will respect your budget and needs. We can offer you the ideal financing solution for your future house! Indeed, by requesting our help, you ensure to benefit from many advantages!

Make a request

Are you looking for house solutions in Switzerland? Do not hesitate to make an online request! Our specialist in house financing will contact you shortly to fix an appointment. You can then discuss your project and find together the best solution possible!

Fast and without commitment

It is always safer not to make any commitment too fast but rather to get a first or second opinion about your purchase. Via our online form, you can tell us quickly about your situation and your projects in order for our specialist to contact you for further thoughts and advice! Trust us and let us help you get the perfect house solution!

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