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If you want to buy a home whatever a house or a flat, the financial solution that is the most common is the mortgage. However, it's sometimes hard to choose between. The variable, the fixed and the libor. Also call on a professional will allow you to get the necessary information in order to have a mortgage solution that is flexible and advantageous. Don't hesitate to fill in our form if you want to benefit from a free interview. This does not commit you to anything.

What are the possibilities to buy a home?

With the numerous offer that you can find on the real estate market it's a real poser to find the one that will be the most appropriate to you. Thanks to Multicredit you would be able to benefit from the free advice of a professional. He would be able to inform you about these various topics:

Our solution to buy a home in Switzerland!

Are you interested to buy a home in Switzerland? A mortgage will allow you to purchase your real estate quickly and extend the reimbursement within 10 year even more. Are you interested to benefit from the free advice of a specialist? Here are the steps to follow:

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Would you like to buy a home? It is important to understand how mortgage works in Switzerland. Don't hesitate to fill in our form to benefit from the advice of a specialist. He will contact you quickly to submit you an offer without commitment. Also, your data will remain 100% confidential.

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