Pension loan
Get a loan from 3'000 to 250'000 Chf. Non-binding offer.
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Are you almost planning your retirement in Switzerland or elsewhere? If you have specific projects for the future and you are lacking a bit of money, we can help you with our advantageous pension loans!

Just for pensioners

More and more pensioners are being active and have ongoing projects to finish. Here at Creditloan we want to make our offers accessible to pensioners too! Tell us what you need and we will get you a personalised pension loan!

Easy procedures

We try to simplify our procedures a lot so our client can get their pension loan easily and quickly. With our flexible financial solutions, you are free to choose what matches best your needs!

A team at your disposal

Our team will be more than happy to help you get the best pension loan possible! They will take care of all administrative details for you, and this without extra costs! Make a request to get a free, non-binding, and 100% confidential quote!

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