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Get a loan from 3'000 to 250'000 Chf. Non-binding offer.
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The pool of your dream is closer than you thought. With Multicredit you can obtain easily a loan for a new pool. We are proposing you offers that are adepted to your budget!

Our offer

Our loans for a new pool are at the best interest rate possible. We are negociating for you a favorable rate with the bank. A 10'000 Chf pool for example, with a reimbursement upon 12 months, will cost you 10'650 Chf all inclusive. That means only 650 Chf of interest for your new pool!

Flexible and adaptable

Our financial solutions are flexible and adapted according to your situation and your wish. With Multicredit you can choose:

Get a low interest rate, buy your new pool with ease. We will take care of administrative procedures to simplify your life!

Our loan conditions

If you are interested to benefit from a personal loan at Multicredit, whether it be to buy a new pool or another project, you must fullfill our basic conditions:

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With Multicredit, you can ask for a free online offer. In two minutes only, request a credit adapted to your situation and get a free quote! This is free and your data remains 100% secured. Are you interested? Simply fill in our online form. Maybe you are only a few clicks away from your new pool!

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