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At Multicredit, we will be happy to fund your new furniture. With an individual loan, furnish your home or flat as you always dream. A quick furniture credit for a cabinet? It's possible with Multicredit.

Furniture shop

The cost of furniture depends heavily on the furniture shop you have choosed. But regardless of the furniture store you want to go shopping, if you need furniture for your new home, it can cost a lot. For that reason, we offer, independently of your furniture shop, personal loans that are flexible and ideal to buy furniture.

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Getting a loan has never been easir than with Multicredit. Indeed, we offer the best financial solution possible:

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You would like to buy a sofa, a cabinet or something else? Choose freely your furniture shop: we will fund you. In Multicredit we can help you to acquire the furniture of your dream at your furniture shop. By taking a loan with us you could choose the lenght of the repayment as well as the amount that you wish. Our brokers will be happy to advise you and help you with the administrative tasks.

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Our brokers will do everything they could to get you a furniture credit at the best interest rate, by dealing with the bank. Our employees are friendly, serious and reliable. Fill out our form and we will contact you upon 24 at 48 hours to make you an offer without commitment.

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