Small loan
Get a loan from 3'000 to 250'000 Chf. Non-binding offer.
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Do you need a new car or a new flat screen TV? Make a small loan with Multicredit! Our flexible offers will adapt perfectly to your budget and needs!

Why making a small loan?

This type of loan is ideal if you want to purchase daily things that are a little bit over your budget right now. For example: a new sofa, some equipment for the kitchen or a motorcycle. You can also make a small loan in order to pay a current bill that you can't reimburse right now. Define your modalities to make sure it suits your situation!

Very advantageous

Making a small loan over a short term reimbursement duration will be very advantageous! For example, for an amount of 5'000 Chf over 12 months, the total interest cost will be only 261 Chf, with monthly payments of 438 Chf (according to your situation).

How to apply

Here are our simple conditions if you wish to benefit from our flexible loan offers!