Early repayment

Early repayment
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When taking a loan in Switzerland, the repayment duration is defined in the credit contract. However, it is always possible to make an early repayment of his loan. This solution, quite specific, will allow you to spare some money on the loan interest.

How does it work?

If you signed for a 24 months loan, you will receive the 24 payment slips at once. That mean is is possible some months, if you have the opportunity, to make more than one payment. In the end, you could finish the reimbursement of your loan in less than 24 months.

What is the benefit of an early repayment?

The total loan interest depends on the contract duration. That means a 12 months contract will be much less expensive than a 24 months contract. Also that means that if you choose to reimburse your 24 months loan in 18 months for example, we will reimburse you the interest difference for the 6 months.

Need help?

If you need more information about early repayment, our team is at your disposal to answer your questions. Do not hesitate to contact us!

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