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The credit interest rate is a very important factor when calculating a loan's cost. The credit's total cost depends on two things:

How to calculate the interest?

Please notice that a 10% interest rate does not just mean “10% of the borrowed amount”. The reimbursement is paid per month and the interest rate is calculated according to what is left to pay back. For instance, a 10'000 Chf loan with an 11,9% interest rate will cost 650 Chf of total interest costs over a 12 months reimbursement duration.

Advantageous interest rate

Most people focus on the lowest rate they can get. But with most banks, the interest rate will depend on the client's financial situation. The “healthier” your budget is, the lower your credit's interest will be.

How to get the best rate?

The best thing to do in order to get the lowest interest rate, is to work with a broker. By choosing Multicredit for example, you ensure to benefit from the best deal possible because our team will negotiate your case with several banks! You will also benefit from the following services:

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Do not hesitate to request a free and non-binding offer in order to know the interest rate we can suggest you. Just fill in our online form and we will study your case in no time! Let us help you get the lowest rate possible according to your situation!

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Lending a loan is forbidden if it leads to over-indebtedness of the consumer (Art, 3 of Swiss LCD)
Calculation example: a 10,000 Chf loan with an interest rate of 5.90% to 9.90% gives a total cost for 12 months of 313 to 520 Chf

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