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You possess a g permit for borderer in Switzerland ? You are living in France, Germany, Austria, if you are working in Switzerland and have a G permit you can get a credit in Swiss monney. Conditions are very interesting for you. You can borrow an amount to 3,000 to 250,000 CHF.

What is a G permit?

A G permit, in Switzerland is for borderers only. They are working in this country but are living in a foreigner one. This sort worker must come-back to their land at least once a week. For having a g permit you must have a work in Switzerland. Your employer is going to take care of the formalities for your G permit.

Get a loan with a G permit

Do you own a G permit and work in Switzerland since a leat 3 years? You can, as a borderer, take a credit in Switzerland and benefited from all the advantage. By filling out this form free. Don't hesitate to tell us your need on financial credit. We will be happy to contact you to make you a free quotation.

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