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C permit
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You possess a c permit of establishment in Switzerland ? You can without restriction contact us for a loan from 3,000 to 250,000. Indeed people who have this permit obeys the same rules as Swiss citizens.

What is the C permit ?

C permit is a permanent permit which allows you to stay in Switzerland as long as you want. We are calling it etablishment permit.

How can I obtain the c permit?

You must possess a B permit and have resided in the country for 5 to 10 years, depending on your nationality. If you are an europeen citizen you are going to have a CE permit. The terms for a demand of credit in this case are the same as C permit.

Our conditions for a loan

Notice, even if you have a C permit, you must however worked in Switzerland for obtaining a credit from Swiss bank. That means our conditions to get a private loan with a C permit are:

Need a financial solution for a project?

If you own a C permit and need some money for a project, we can help you. Would you like to buy a new car? A pool for your garden? Ask us now for a free non-binding quote with our online form.

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With our online form, your data remains 100% confidential. Our team will analyse your case in the shortest time to make you an offer:

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