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How to calculate a loan in Switzerland?

Calculating the cost of a credit is not really simple, that’s why we recommend to use a loan calculator. By using a loan calculator, you only have to enter some informations to know exactly the total cost of the credit, and your monthly bill. There is no hidden charge or cost: the amount indicated is exactly what you will pay. The requested informations are:

  • Amount: in Switzerland, when requesting a credit, you can choose freely the requested amount from 3’000 to 80’000 (sometimes up to 250’000 Chf, depending of the place where you request the loan)
  • Duration: when requesting a credit, you are free to choose the repayment period from 1 year to 6 years
  • Interest rate: the loan calculator let you choose your interest rate. However, of course, you won’t be able to choose this rate. A good broker will negotiate it directly with the banks.

Where to find a loan calculator?

Do not hesitate to try the loan calculator of our partner Creditloan: Credit simulator. Also, if you wish to ask for a free non-binding offer, you can also ask for an offer directly. Creditloan will take your case for free, and analyse your budget to check wheter you can or not have a loan.

Ask for a free loan offer

You would like to know at which rate you could borrow money? Ask for a free non-binding offer with creditloan. Ask now for an Online loan and receive an answer within 24-48h. This is free with no obligation.

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