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Leasing and 178 code: our explanations

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What is the 178 code?

The 178 code is simply a reference who will be on the vehicle driving licence. If your car or other vehicle is associated to a 178 code, you will be in the impossibility of:

  • Reselling your vehicle: you won’t be allowed to transfer the driving licence.
  • To cancel the driving licence.
  • To cancel by yourself this 178 code: the removal must be asked by the concessionary.

What is the point of the 178 code and who can register it?

This code is used for the leasing. Concretely, when you buy a lease vehicle this one doesn’t belong to you! The concessionary demands then, that the vehicle driving licence be associated with a 178 code. This in order to protect himself in case of abuse. Indeed, the concessionary insures that the hired vehicle through a leasing can not be resold or transferred to a third part.

Cancelling a code

Since November 2013 the 178 code is from now managed by the ZEK society. The cancelling of the mention must be asked by the concessionary of the vehicle what is made generally at the end of the contract. It is however possible to make a lease repurchasing in order to become owner of your vehicle throughout a personal credit and therefore ask for the removal of the 178 code.

This article was written by the Multicredit’s