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Capital investment in Switzerland

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You want to make a capital investment in Switzerland, but you are not sure how to do it and what solution to choose? This week we offer a small investment guide that will allow you to have a better understanding about the different possibilities to grow your capital.

Capital investment possibilities

Investment opportunities in Switzerland are numerous. Generally, an investment means placing his money for a certain time in order to get a positive surplus. Thus, the possibilities for capital investments in Switzerland are such as:

  • Stock actions: an action is, in a simplified way, a small part of a company. If the business grows, the value of your action is also growing.
  • Raw materials: it may be worthwhile to buy raw materials such as gold or oil and resell it a few years later at a higher price.
  • Currencies: money market and foreign exchange rates are constantly fluctuating, so it may be worthwhile to buy foreign currency, hoping to sell it later at a higher price.
  • Payment obligations: it consists of buying the debt of a company. Once the debt is paid by the company, you get your money back, plus a certain interest.
  • Funds: it is a portfolio of different investments (various actions, payment obligations, …). The fund is shared with all investors and a trader is in charge of the management (purchase / sale) to maximize performance.
  • Bank Accounts: banks also offer numerous solutions in the form of savings accounts, or even investment accounts.
  • Real Estate Investment: this solution consists in purchasing all or part of a property and then resale it later.
  • Life insurance & amp; Savings: various insurance companies also provide solutions to grow your capital in the form of investment solutions or life insurance / 3rd pillar.

What are the main risks related to capital investment?

Risks reflect the diversity of opportunities available for a capital investment, and every risk leads to a possibility to lose some of your capital. This is why it is important, when investing in Switzerland, to minimize the risks:

  • By diversifying your assets: one of the golden rules related to a capital investment is to never focus on an exclusive area!
  • Planning the capital investment time: is there a possibility that you will need your capital quickly?
  • By choosing your capital investment carefully, and generally seeking to maximize the profitability of your investments while minimizing risk

Want to invest your capital?

Before any capital investment, it is necessary to ask the right questions: how much would you invest in Switzerland? For how long? What return do you expect? Are you ready to be taken risks in order to increase the return on your capital investment? Are you ready to lock up your money for a long period of time, or do you want it to be always available? Facing all those questions questions and the many opportunities for a capital investment in Switzerland, it is not always easy to make the right choice. This is why it can be useful to call on a specialist, especially given that:

  • You can have a free appointment with a specialist
  • Meeting an advisor will allow you to get answers to your questions and this does not commit you to anything
  • A specialist will provide you informations efficiently on the best options available to you, depending on your situation.
  • Any questions regarding taxation? Feel free to ask an advisor!

For more information

Would you like to know more on the subjet? Would you like to make an appointment with a advisor who will help you for a capital investment in Switzerland? Do not hesitate to call on PrestaFlex-service and learn more about capital investment in Switzerland and get a free contact with a specialist.