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All firms, corporations, and even anyone establishing itself as independent (typically professional) must register with the Swiss Commercial Register. This is an obligation. Each entry is cantonal, and it may be difficult to find a company without knowing what his township business reason was. That is why the confederation has set up a tool to search in all cantons. sort of a "book of business names in Switzerland". The Zefix is an online search of business names.

In which languages is available from the site Zefix?

The site is available in three main languages ​​of Switzerland (French, German and Italian), as well as English. It is possible to perform a search in Switzerland or cantons. Similarly, the Zefix also lists former business names (written off included).

Where to look for information?

If you wish to search for information on Zefix, simply visit their website:

What information is on Zefix?

The Zefix gathers every reason to trade in Switzerland, but in the form of links. This means that information about a company is not stored directly on the Zefix: Zefix the fact the link to the commercial register of the canton where the company is registered. When searching for a business reason on Zefix, you will find a link allowing you to go directly to the website of the relevant cantonal commercial register.


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