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1. What documents should I bring for asking you a credit?

First of all, fill our on line form in so that you tell us your identity and your address. Then we need your last three salary sheets and also a front-back copy of your ID (Swiss ID, B,C,L-Permit or legitimation card). If you are an independent, we need your tax declaration of the last year.

Once all the documents are in our possession, we can work your request and we will look about the best interest rate and we will submit you a customized offer.

2. Must I live in Switzerland in order to get a loan from you?

In principal anyone living in Switzerland and also the frontaliers could obtain a credit from us.

3. I already have a loan, could I have a money supplement?

Yes, it is possible and we could repurchase your credit.

4. Should I justify the reason for a credit demand?

No, feel free to make whatever you want with the money from your loan.

5. What is the highest amount of money that I could obtain?

It depends on your gains and on your situation (married/divorced, children) . Just by filling in the online form, you will be contacted realtively fast and we will answer you this question in person.

6. How much time will I have to I wait to get the money on my account?

If your demand is acceptes, the money is sent just after the revocation delay, which means 7 days.

7. If I lose my job, should I continue to refund?

No, our credits include also an insurance against unemployment. If you have been fired for an unjustified reason, the insurance will refund the monthly payments.

8. I'm having trouble paying a monthly bill, what should I do?

Anyone could fall in this situation and for many reasons. In this case, the best thing to do is to tell us, in order to find a solution for you.

9. What is the minimal salary to get a loan from you?

The minimal net wage should be at least 2900 Fr. Below this amount, the credit could cause an overindebtment.

10. I had a prosecution, can I still get a loan?

Unfortunately no, not having any current prosecutions is a condition to get a loan. If you have one or more prosecutions, pay them and then ask for a credit.

11. I had prosecutions in the past and they have been payed, could I still receive a loan?

It depends on the amount and if your prosecution is in the recent or in the remote past. The best thing you may do is to contact us and we can help you better than anyone else.

12. I would like to pay more than one monthly payment at once, is this possible?

Sure, you can do it and once the whole loan is repayed, we will pay you back the suppplementary interests.