Credit Solvency

Credit solvency
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The solvency is an indicator for evaluating the ability of someone to repay a loan. Each bank has its own way to evaluate the creditworthiness of its customers. However, we will explain here the basis to calculate your credit solvency.

What is the criteria of credit solvency ?

The credit solvency of a person depends of course on its financial position, but not only. In fact, credit solvency depends on:

Credit solvency and loan application

More you will be considered a solvent person, most likely you are to see your loan application accepted. Furthermore, in case of acceptance, you will be able to get better conditions with a good credit solvency.

How to check my credit solvency?

If you want to check your credit solvency, do not hesitate to ask for a free non-binding loan offer. Fill in our online form. Our team will be glad to answer you in the shortest time to study your situation and tell you more about your credit solvency.

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