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Zek is often cited as a reference from company credit. We would explain you what is Zek and what does it do, if you are taking a credit. How to ask a question in Zek.

What Zek is ?

Zek is a company where all the informations about your credit are registered. It preserves all your credits you asked for and more generally any activities related to credit in Switzerland. Zek is only interessted about private person. It means that when you are doing a credit on your name it will be recorded by Zek. If you are doing a credit for a firm, it won't be recorded.

Which is the role of the Zek ?

When you are asking for a credit (from a bank or broker), the first thing will be conducted by the lender to go and inquire in your account. If you are not refered into zek that means: 1) you did not ask for a credit in the past. 2) You did not have any problem for a repayment of a credit or a credit card. On Zek they can find out about your financial antecedants. One would be able to see all your debts on your precedent credits. The company who would deliver the credit will use the information provided to determine if the credit application would be acceptable or not and at which rate.

Can I see my file on Zek ?

You have the right to inform you on your file to Zek. If you want to do this you can go on the Zek website and fill out the application.

What are the Zek codes?

Codes related to a personal credit:

You have a entry on the Zek and you would like to know what this input has ? Every entry on Zek is present as a code who will resume the information.

Code related to bills or credit cards: