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Ge Money Bank becomes Cembra Money Bank

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Ge Money Bank is now known under the name of Cembra Money Bank. It is a banking group based in Zurich that quickly became a leader in the credit market in Switzerland. The group has developed a new logo to go with their new name! What is their business politics and consequences for the borrowers?

New name and initial public offering

Ge Money Bank became Cembra Money Bank and changed their logo after the group’s initial public offering at the end of 2013. Since then, the share price went down in 2014 and came back up at its initial level at the beginning of 2015.


Cembra Money Bank’s activities remain the same even with the group’s name change. The financial group is still active in consumer lending and more particularly in personal and SME credits. By offering high quality services and advantageous interest rates, Cembra keeps on sastisfying their customers throughout Switzerland.

Article par Multicrédit – credit in Switzerland.