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Rent guarantee: a solution to get funds!

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Your rent guarantee is deposited in a bank account and you want to use this money otherwise? How to obtain these funds?

Rent guarantee: a significant load

The law of private lease sets the maximum amount of a rent guarantee to three months rent. It’s generally the required sum by the lessor to protect it against unpaid rent or in case of damages caused by the lessee.

For a commecial lease, there is no maximum amount fixed by the law. Generally, the sum of the rent guarantee is six months rent. It’s an important load for a society.

The rent guarantee is used by the owner only if the lessee causes damages or not paying the rent.

What solutions can be found to establish a rent guarantee?

It’s possible to deposit the rent guarantee by the bank on a locked bank account in the name of the lessee. The money is blocked during the lease term. It will give back to the lessee in the two months following its departure from an appartement or a commercial space.

There is an another solution: to establish your rent guarantee with an insurance company. The company shall guarantee your rent in return for a fixed annual premium. The lessee only pays 4% or 5% of the total amount of the guarantee. It doesn’t need to lock money on a bank account!

Opt for this second solution gives more money to a person or to a society. She increases the liquidity level and thus the lines of credit. The money can be freely used for personal projects or to develop a business.

Do you want more money for your projects?

Do you already made a rent guarantee by the bank? Do you want to get back this money? It’s possible to have it if you opt for a rent guarantee with an insurance company!

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