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Have you ever heard about peer-to-peer lending or social lending? This alternative to get a credit is not so common in Switzerland but very popular in some countries. In p2p lending, you can get a credit from another person via an online auction.

Very aleatory

In peer-to-peer lending, the loan conditions change a lot from a lender to another. It seems to be a much more flexible alternative than a normal credit but the average rate is actually higher than banks require in general, because high offers are taken first.

How is it different?

The biggest difference in getting a social lending instead of requesting a loan from a bank, is that with the former, the borrower sets the highest interest rate he is ready to pay. Also, there is no fixed maximum or minimum amount.

Our conditions for a credit

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We advise you to always have a direct contact who can compare offers for you and find the lowest interest rate according to your situation! At Multicredit, we have simple procedures, and a fast treatment! If you are looking for a secured loan in all simplicity, make a free and non-binding request here!

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