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Do you live in Switzerland? Do you need to transfer some money to a foreign account? What are your options? At Multicredit, we can advise you about the best solution available according to your situation! Trust us for all your money concerns!

Places for money transfer

There are many ways to transfer some money from Switzerland, whether you own a bank account or not. Let’s have a look:

Fast procedures

Money transfers from Switzerland usually are very simple and fast! If you own a bank account here and you have access to the internet, the money will only take a few hours to arrive to its destination! Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about money transfer or currency exchange rates!

Some extra cash?

It is sometimes difficult to find some cash quickly when money is requested or awaited in another country. With our simple and flexible solutions, you will be able to get your money now and reimburse later at your own pace! Make a free and non-binding request by simply filling in our safe online form!

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