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Swiss investment

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Swiss invest, what are the solutions? What are the risks? We are proposing you a small introductory guide in order to commit you in all serenity.

Why investing?

Behind all Swiss investing is a willingness to make return on investment. Placing your money in a bank account will allow you to benefit from an annual interest, but this one is generally not interesting. A Swiss investment is just another method to maximize your money.

Swiss invest: the advantages

What are the main differences between an investment and a simple bank account? Usually, a Swiss investment will bring you the following advantages:

  • Making an investment is generally more advantageous than putting your money on a bank account
  • It exists numerous investment solutions that are adapted to every situation

Swiss invest: the disadvantages

If the investment is generally more profitable, it has nevertheless some disadvantages:

  • Swiss investing means generally that the money is immobilised for many years
  • Making an investment always involves risk of financial loss
  • Managing an investment is not always easy and it can be useful to have some advice from an investment service.

Call on a professional

Swiss invest offers numerous of possibilities (hedge fund, stock market, venture capital etc..) If you are interested to make an investment call on a specialist is the best option that you have. Don’t hesitate to consult the guide of our partner on Prestaflex how to invest.