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Direct credit without complication

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Get a direct credit

The approach to get a loan in Switzerland is usually fast and simple:

  • You effectuate a credit request towards a bank or a loan agency directly or via an online form
  • You provide the necessary documents for the study of your records
  • In case of acceptance the contract is made
  • You will receive then your money on your account or personally within 7 days

The documents that you need to provide

If you want request a direct credit, you must before applying to a financial institution, prepare these documents:

    • Your three last salary slips


  • Two-sided copy of your identity card (and permit if you are a foreigner in Switzerland)
  • A copy of your health insurance policy (the document indicating how much you pay each month)
  • If you are married or live in partnership, you must as well provide the documents of your partner as well

Whom to contact?

If it seems that getting a loan via a bank is the most direct way, but it is not the case. A good loan agency will accelerate and simplify the administrative procedure for you. We recommend you in case of interest to get a direct credit to ask our partner online form freely and without commitment.