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Car loan: get the best offer!

Blog | Car Credit

What is a car loan?

A car loan is simply a personal loan used to buy a car. Knowing that the minimum amount for a credit is 2,000 Chf, and the maximum amount is 250,000 in Switzerland, it means that a car credit could be used either to buy a new car or a used car. The reimbursement duration of a car loan is up to the borrower: the banks will allow a reimbursement over 1 to 6 years.

Car loan or leasing?

If leasing is more known than car loan, each of one has some advantages:

  • Leasing is well known and offered by most car resellers
  • Leasing allow you to reimburse your vehicle over a longer duration
  • A car loan will allow you to be the proprietary of your vehicle: you are free to seel it, to choose your car insurance, …
  • A car loan can be more interesting in terms of cost, depending of the car cost and duration of the loan.

Compare offers!

People don’t usually know it, but is it always possible to compare offers! How? Simply request a car loan with our partner: this is free and doesn’t commit you to anything. Feel free to apply for a car loan and compare our partner’s offer with a leasing. This way, you will be able to choose the most interesting solutions! How to apply? Check CreditLoan’s page regarding how to buy a car in Switzerland!