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Requesting a credit in Switzerland: few figures

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The credit in Switzerland: a solution that is common

Based on the last statistics from the VSKF* in 2011, 8.8% from the active populations had a credit during his life! In other words one person over 10 has a credit ongoing in Switzerland.

Why asking a credit?

In Switzerland asking for a credit doesn’t need justification whatsoever. A person who makes a credit can use the amount as he pleases. But usually we estimate that the majority of credit in Switzerland are used to finance the following items:

  • credit auto: or other vehicles
  • Other consumers credits: for the furniture, high tech equipments, home renovation, etc…

Credit and indebtedness

One of the main reason to the bad reputation of credit in Switzerland is the problem of the indebtedness. In Switzerland, the law prohibits the granting of a loan if it causes indebtedness of the consumer to a person an indebtedness. That’s why 33% of the credits in Switzerland are refused. In case of indebtedness problem it exists some support in case of debt in Switzerland

Request a credit

If you are interested to ask a credit in Switzerland, it is quite possible to have a free offer without commitment, by choosing the good partner. Don’t hesitate to contact Multicredit to make a request.

*According to the Swiss Bankers Association of Credit and Financing institutions, VSKF (