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Debt reduction

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Debt reduction: A current problem

In Switzerland we estimate that 10% of the population are in debt. For young people we see that one in four is in the same situation. These data are not official statistics, but are based on institution of aid on debt relief agencies and Office prosecution. The numerous of couple in over indebtedness increases, but as well the average amount of the debts (50’000Chf ). By taking the example of all of these cases handled by debt collection estimated the number at 829 million francs. This takes such a scale that public services are required to take measures to allow the debt reduction of the population.

Why people are they in debt?

The major problem is that people can’t hold a budget. Indeed, it’s important if you want to have a good financial situation, to know what are your expenses each month. If you have some problem to pay your invoice at the end at each month, it’s time to get worried. Indeed, an invoice who is not paid even if it’s a small amount can become a prosecution. We know that we can’t predict everything in life especially now with the crisis. But if you have debt we strongly recommend that you ask for help as soon as possible.

What are the advices for the debt reduction?

First of all it’s strongly suggest that you calculate your budget. Like that you would be able to know which amount you will need to have in order to live a decently with your family. In case of debt you should pay the bills most urgent first (rent, electricity and the phone) Like that you would not have bad surprise. But if you are in a situation that you can’t manage any longer your money we recommend you that you call on a company who being specialize in debt reduction. If you wish to benefit of this resort we strongly advise you to inform you before you commit.

Choose a company of debt reduction

It’s quite difficult to choose between the several companies of debt reduction. One company that we can propose to you is MultiCredit. This company will put you in relation with a professional of debt reduction. Its partners are at your disposal for all request that you would submit them. In case of problem they will stand by your side and find a solution that is appropriate to you. This online request is free and without commitment. So don’t hesitate to contact us you won’t regret it.