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Are you still repaying a loan that you made ages ago? Are you no longer satisfied with your current interest rate? We can help you with personalised solutions!

What is a bad debt loan?

A bad debt means that you current loan has bad conditions, like for example, an interest rate that is higher than usual. Over the long term, a bad loan can have a big impact on your budget and drag you into a situation of indebtedness. What can you do to get rid of that bad loan?

Let us help you!

Contact us to get a free analyse of your situation! We will see what your current interest rate is and offer to replace your bad loan with a new loan that has better conditions! We guarantee to find the lowest interest possible according to your situation! Over the time, even a small change in the interest rate can have a big impact on your financial situation!

Our flexible offers

We will do our best to negotiate a low interest rate with the banks in order to turn your bad debt loan into an advantageous one! With Multicredit, you ensure to get the following benefits:

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