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Do you want to buy a new car or some home furniture? Do you own a business and you need some new equipment? If you are unsure which amount you can afford or how long the reimbursement duration should be, get a credit check for free! At Multicredit, we can analyse your financial situation in order to offer you the best loan solution possible!

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Our team is at your disposal all the time to answer your question and to advise you about the best financial solution possible! Tell us what your budget and needs are and you will get a personal or corporate credit check!

Our professional team

We can offer you a quality and personalised credit check thanks to our 10 years experience in financing services. Our team will analyse your situation and defend your case to banks so you can get the lowest interest rate possible! Choosing us means having a close contact and a reliable financial partner.

Free offer!

Do not hesitate to contact us for a credit check! Each request is free and does not commit you to anything! Loan, mortgage, and debts, we can help you with anything you need!

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