Visa in Switzerland

Visa in switzerland
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Visa in Switzerland is a credit card company who is well known worldwide. The conditions for having a visa in Switzerland depend on the society you are applying for your card. Those are bank (Raiffeisen, UBS, Credit Suisse...) as well as big coperative ( coop, Migros) or independent society (viseca, cornercard, Swisscard...)

How to obtain a visa card?

Usually for obtainig a visa card in Switzerland, you must justify your demand by indicating your annual income. The society issuer will find out about you (by checking for example if you have an entry in zek). Afterwards, they will decide if you can possess a visacard in Switzerland or not. They will decide as well what would be your annual limit.

Can I have a visacard in Switzerland with no income ?

Yes. Most of society are proposing prepay service cards. That means the visacard must be charged (by a bank transfer) before being used.

What must be taken to account when making a visacard or a Mastercard in Switzerland ?

Read well the terms proposed by the company that gives you the card. Take a card who is suiting you (travel, business. Etc..) In order to simplify your task we are proposing you, on our blog an article for comparative between different card. Visacard and Mastercard.

Where can I obtain a visacard in Switzerland

  • Bank: Cornèr Banque SA, Crédit-Suisse, PostFinance, UBS, Valartis
  • Big societies : Migros, coop
  • In case of repayment problems:

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