Swiss Mastercard

Swiss mastercard
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Mastercard is a credit card firm which deals with card transactions. There are many ways to obtain a swiss mastercard, as many companies offers such services: banks such as (UBS, Credit Suisse, Raiffeisen...), coperatives ( Migros, Coop...) or private companies (Swisscard, Cornèr card, Viseca....).

How can I get a Swissmastercard?

Once you have choosen a company for obtaining a swiss mastercard, you must generally justify your demand by indicating your annual income. The society issuer will find out about you (by checking for example if you have an entry in zek). Afterwards, they will decide if you can possess a swiss mastercard or not. They will decide as well what would be your annual limit.

Can I have a Swiss Mastercard without income ?

Yes, several society are proposing you a prepay service. That means the Swiss Mastercard must be charged (by a bank transfer or any other way) before being used.

What must be taken into account when asking for a Swiss Mastercard?

Read well the terms proposed by the company that gives you the card. Take a card who is suiting you (travel, business, etc..). Do not hesitate to check our blog to learn more.

How does interest rate work with a Swiss Mastercard ?

The interest are not the same with a card than with a loan. What you must take into account is that when you have interest to pay with your Swiss Mastercard you are going to have interest upon interests. In the end you pay more.

Consolidation debt :

With a consolidation debt, you would be able to regroup all your Mastercard depts into one. By doing this, your monthly payment will be less important as your interest rate is lower. For futher information, ask for a free online offer of debt consolidation:

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