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Debt consolidation: how does it works?

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What is a debt consolidation?

One of the easiest and most effective way to reduce your debt is to consolidate it into one single loan. Various financial institutions can propose to you these types of repurchasing. The advantages to get a debt consolidation are numerous:

  • You are replacing all your debts into one single loan
  • You usually get a more advantageous interest rate
  • The possibility to negotiate the duration of your reimbursement from 6 to 72 months

How much money can I save?

This depends on your situation and the state of your outstanding debts (deadline, interest rate for the reimbursement spread,…). In general manner, you have the possibility to save up to 40% of your monthly bills. Moreover, you will pay only one invoice instead of several.

What debt can I consolidate?

Usually, a debt consolidation is possible for the following debts :

However depending on the agencies you are asking for, you have the possibility to negotiate other debts.

Debt consolidation in case of prosecution

In case of prosecution a debt consolidation is impossible unfortunately. The Swiss law is very strict in a matter of loans and debt consolidation.

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