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Debit Card

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What is a debit card?

debit card is also known as bank card or check card. Is a plastic card that provides the cardholders electronic access to his or her bank account at a financial institution. The major benefit of this card is convenience and security. This one is very useful for your daily goods. Indeed, you can use it whenever you want. Restaurant, shop,etc. For more security you have a pin code linked to this one. If in the past most people used checks, nowadays debit card are more common.

What is a credit card?

A credit card is issued by a credit card hold provider, like Visacard for example. But instead to take the money directly, from the bank account, you are going to receive a bill at the end of each months. A credit card can be used worldwide and like the debit card you can withdraw money to an ATM. If you are requesting a credit card you will be given a credit limit this would be the total amount you have available to spend using the credit card.

What is a credit?

A loan is a certain amount of money that you borrow for a period of time at a certain rate interest. Usually you agree with the banks or other lander how much you are reimbursing them by months. This money could be use to put it on your debit card account or use it to go on holiday. It’s important if you make a credit to keep up with your monthly repayment. Other why you could have a bad code to the Zek company, which would result to a refusal of credit in the future. If you wish to ask for an online loan, do not hesitate to ask our partner Creditloan for an online loan.

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