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Are you looking to buy a new car, moto, or any vehicle? Basically, you have two financial possibilities: the credit or the leasing. Both solutions can be interesteing, and it is important to make the right choice according to your needs and budget.


The leasing is common but not always optimal. When you take your vehicle in leasing you have some incoveniants: The vehicle don't belong to you. It's sort of hiring.

Credit instead of leasing

When you are taking a credit instead of a leasing, your first advantage is your vehicle belongs to you. So you don't have to worry about the kilometers and can choose the insurance freely.

The cost

Let's take for example a 10'000 Chf new car. Buying it with a loan over a repayment on 12 months will cost you 10'650 Chf only. That means only 650 Chf of interest. When you are taking a leasing, you pay overall the cost of depreciation of the vehicle. This cost could be sometimes more important than a credit (depending of your leasing contract and options). Also, once your leasing contract finished, you are not the proprietary of the vehicule (or you must pay to be it).

Compare offers

Before you sign up for any solution, the best thing to do is to compare offers. At Multicredit, we can make you a free vehicle loan offer. This is free of charge and does not commit you to anything. That means the offer will be available one full month to give you enough time to compare with a leasing offer for example.

Ask an online offer

You wish to know more about credit and leasing ? Apply online, we will make you an offer that you could compare with a leasing. With us, your data will remain 100% confidential.

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