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Various credits

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Monthly payment from

Monthly payment including amortization, interests and death insurance from

257 CHF



Monthly payments/refunds including:

  • Amortization
  • Interests
  • Death insurance

One project, one credit

Do you have a project? Want to find out what your current situation allows you to do?

Whatever your project, you can benefit from a credit for a specific financing or from the payment on your account of an amount, that you can freely use in complete confidentiality.

Thanks to MultiCredit, you can benefit from the best rates on the market from CHF 3’000 to CHF 400’000.

Our specialists will take care of everything and handle your administrative documentation, free of charge to make your life easier!

Get a loan without a proof

MultitCredit helps you choose a « responsible » credit, the rest is your own business.

  • The loan repayment is made over a period of 12 to 84 months.
  • Benefit from a fixed monthly payment at the best rate on the market.
  • Receive a clear and easy to read file for simplified budgeting.
  • Adapt the terms of your loan in order to save money.
  • Take advantage of our secured online services.

Keep your project confidential. No proof is necessary.

A flexible solution

Analysis and tailored offer are the keys to your serenity.

  • Decide freely the amount you need for your project.
  • Flexible repayment duration.
  • Prepayment possible with lower interest rates.
  • For employees with permanent or temporary contract.
  • Complementary solutions to lighten your repayments and monthly payments.

Our solutions, your advantages

We do even more for you.

  • Free confidential review.
  • Quick and free submission of our non-binding offer.
  • In case of agreement, you will receive your money within 14 days after signing the contract.
  • Contact us to benefit from our offer with the best conditions on the market.
  • If you already have ongoing credits, save money thanks to our solutions.

  • Security and privacy
  • Proximity and responsibility
  • Guaranteed pick-up in less than 24 hours
  • Credit rate lower than the competition

Whatever your project is, MultiCredit invites you to apply online. It is free, fast and completely confidential. Define your desired amount, according to your needs.

Ask for our advice. Share your personal situation with our experts.

Budget calculator

What are your credit options?

Estimate your budget with our calculator and take a look at our case studies

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For more information, consult our specialist or ask us for an offer!

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