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The best rates for a new home

Real estate loan

check Real estate loan



Monthly payment from

Monthly payment including amortization, interests and death insurance from

257 CHF



Monthly payments/refunds including:

  • Amortization
  • Interests
  • Death insurance

How to finance your move or renovation?

Faster and easier than mortgage, enjoy the best rates on the market.

When moving, renovating, replacing a boiler or buying furniture, MultiCredit will advises you to choose the best option for a real estate or construction loan. according to your overall situation. Take out a “reasonable” loan from CHF 3,000 to CHF 400,000.

Committed to our clients since 1999, we offer them the best interest rates on the market.

The flexible and adjustable solution

Tight budget? High expenses? We will offer a customized credit on a case by case basis.

MultiCredit provides you with a personalized offer to finance your urgent construction project.

  • Monthly payments adapted to your budget over a period of 12 to 84 months.
  • Streamlined administrative procedures.
  • Review of your application in a very short amount of time.
  • Terms of reimbursement according to your preferences.
  • We negotiate on your behalf, with our partners, in order to give you the most beneficial conditions on the market

Tax deductions and debt consolidation, have you thought about that?

Simplify and breathe

Entrust us with your documentation, we will take care of the administrative procedures for you.

For each request we handle, we simplify the administrative procedures and we advise you quickly.

Do you need a loan fast because you plan to move? Upgrade your comfort and we’ll adapt your credit. A real estate loan can be an option whether as a full or partial financing.

Getting our loan offer will not be binding for you.

Take advantage of all the benefits a real estate loan can bring.

Way more than a simple funding

Having a loan with us can help you save money.

A real estate loan offers you more beneficial options.

  • Contrary to a mortgage, anticipated reimbursement is perfectly legal and can either be full or partial, at any given time.
  • Find a reasonable solution to your liquidity needs more quickly..
  • Go for monthly payments, which keep you afloat.
  • Have your back covered by an insurance for your monthly payments in case of death and optionally in case of illness, disability, accident and inability to work.

In order to find out more about our financing options, go online and fill in our credit request form in 2 minutes.

Receive a non-binding offer for free.

Budget calculator

What are your credit options?

Estimate your budget with our calculator and take a look at our case studies

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For more information, consult our specialist or ask us for an offer!

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