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Get a loan from 3'000 to 250'000 Chf. Non-binding offer.
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Do you need some extra money to purchase things quickly or to pay some bills? Multicredit has designed a personal loan that will adapt to any situation! We called it: My credit! With My credit, you can enjoy your money use now and reimburse it later at your own pace!

How much can I borrow with My credit?

Each client has specific desire and needs that's why they deserve a unique solution! Whether you need a little amount to pay some bills, or a larger one in order to get a luxurious car, we can satisfy your expectations!

Who can get a credit?

At Multicredit, we try to make our offers accessible to a great number of people! Easy conditions and fast procedures! Choose us for a great financial solution!

My fast credit!

By making your loan with us, you can benefit from a very fast treatment! Apply online, get a free and non-binding offer and decide then if you take the deal!

META: Do you need some money quickly to purchase things or to pay some bills? We have designed a personal loan that will adapt to any situation! discover My credit! Ask for a loan