Medical credit

Medical credit
Get a loan from 3'000 to 250'000 Chf. Non-binding offer.
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What is a medial loan for? The health cost in Switzerland is quite expensive. Actually it is one of the most expensive in Europe. Usually, everyone (either swiss or foreigner) should have a health insurance that will cover the cost of health problems. But in some case, the insurance won't reimburse the cost. In that case, a medial loan can be a good solution to be sure to take care of both your health and your budget.

The most important: The health

Sometimes, health problems occurs, and you need to see a doctor. Also, you need of course to pay the bill. What we offer you is assistance. In case your insurance won't cover the cost of the medical service, we can give you a flexible loan. You choose the amount and the duration:

We finance your medical procedures

As long as you work in Switzerland, we may offer you a medial loan. Moreover, we will negotiate your interest rate with the banks to provide you with the best possible offer. Do not neglict your health and don't hesitate to ask us for a medical credit. If you wish to receive a free offer, ask us for a medical credit offer. Our english-speaking team will be glad to help you.

Our conditions

In order to be eligible for a medical credit and to receive a free non-binding quote, you must fullfill the following requirements:

Free request

Do not hesitate to ask for a free offer with no obligation. Our team will be glad to study your case and provide you with a medial loan offer with 24-48h. Our form is 100% secured:

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