Revolving credit
Get a loan from 3'000 to 250'000 Chf. Non-binding offer.
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Do you want to benefit from a revolving credit? Discover our flexible loan offers! Whether you are Swiss or only working in Switzerland, a self-employed or a renter, we can make you an offer that will match your situation!

What is a revolving credit?

With this type of credit, the bank or credit agency will put a certain amount at your disposal that you can use whenever you want. This solution doesn't really exist in Switzerland, but at Multicredit, we can offer you an advantageous alternative! You can always ask an extra cash amount in order to finance some new projects! Have a look at all the benefits you can get:

Discover our loan offers

Do you want to change your apartment furniture or make a dream come true? For each personal project, we have a suitable financial solution! Our experts are at your disposal to offer you a great alternative to revolving credit.