Consumer credit

Consumer credit
Get a loan from 3'000 to 250'000 Chf. Non-binding offer.
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A consumer credit is a good way to please yourself and the people around you. Want to buy a new car, or offer your family a weekend in London? All that you want would be possible through a consumer credit. Would you like to receive a free offer? Simply ask us!

Why a consumer credit?

Whatever your needs are we make sure that they will make it true. A new sofa, a Tv or a new car everything is possible with our consumer credit offer. Discover our flexible solution:

What are your project?

A consumer credit is the perfect solution to realize your projects without complicating life. By choosing our solution, is is easy to get the needed amount of money. In addition, the process of obtaining a personal loan is quick and easy.

How to apply?

Our basic conditions to benefit from a free online consumer credit offer are:

Online request

Requesting a consumer credit is simple and fast. You just have to fill our online form and we will answer you within 48 hours. Free offer without commitments. Ask now!

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