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Private credit in Switzerland: a growing market

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Two alternatives for a private credit

In Switzerland, there is two ways to get access to a credit. In fact, there is three is you consider peer-to-peer lending. But in general, we do not recommend this financing alternative. You can then either contact a broker, or directly deal with banks that offer private credits. Here are the money lending specialists in Switzerland:

        • Cambra Money Bank
        • Bank Now
        • Cashgate
        • Migros bank
        • Cantonal Banks

What makes their offers different?

There are so many different offers on the market, it is not always easy to know whom to contact for the best private credit. What do Swiss consumers take into consideration before they make a request to a banking organisation?

          • The interest rate (the lower it is, the more restrictive the banks are).
          • The credited amount (small loan or big amounts).
          • The reimbursement duration (from 6 to 72 months in general).
          • The acceptance and process easiness.
          • The possibility to get an extra cash amount.

Why going through an intermediary?

By contacting a independent broker or a broker agency, you are taking an extra step to access your loan. However, this procedure is often very useful! Indeed, they know all the offers on the market and they will be able to lead you to the bank that best fits your needs. Your acceptance chances will also be bigger! An experienced society like Cashflex Multicredit will be able to give you a free and non-binding offer within 48 hours!